Cocos2D vs Kobold2D

I’ve been mucking about with Cocos2D for a few years now, ever since I first picked up Ray Wenderlich’s book – Learning Cocos2D. I’ve experimented with everything it has to offer, including the Box2D physics engine implementation. Cocos2D works for me, and is actually a pleasure to use. However, now I have settled on a game that I want to see all the way through to AppStore submission, I felt it was important to check out Kobold2D to see what it actually was and whether it was for me.

For those of you who are here for my conclusion, rather than to read the reasoning behind the decision, in Cocos2D vs Kobold2D, I have decided to go with Cocos2D. Here’s why …

Kobold2D is a game engine, more than just a 2D engine. It adds a host of Dev features to the Cocos2D framework including Game Center integration, a highly regarded input controller, ARC out of the box, online and offline API documentation, etc …

Sounds good right ? So what put me off.

Well, Cocos2D has a massive, active and, most importantly, mature community. Kobold2D is relatively new and although it has a decent user base, it is developed off the back of another technology – Cocos2D – and so why couldn’t it simply have been a series of pull requests to the Cocos2D project ? On closer reading, I genuinely believe that the creator of Kobold2D wanted nothing more than to take Cocos2D to the next level, but felt that doing so within the confines of the Cocos2D project was going to be slow and ultimately impossible, but breaking away from a project so ubiquitous with iOS game development as Cocos2D, seems a little dangerous when you continue to rely on it for your core. For Kobold2D to exist, it needs Cocos2D. This is not true the other way around.

The other thing that put me off was that there is a Kobold2D commercial product – KoboldTouch. One is left wondering what features will be left out of Kobold2D and at what point purchasing a license will become necessary. Will Kobold2D in fact cease to exist once KoboldTouch becomes a viable business ?

There’s a part of me that thinks I’m being too cautious here and that I’m denying myself the ease of development that Kobold2D would provide, but the fact is, Cocos2D does everything I need from a 2D engine for iOS, and there’s a huge community out there for when I get stuck.

Long story short …. Cocos2D is for me.



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